House Rules


1. No alcoholic beverages, smoking of any kind or illicit substances allowed on NACC grounds. This includes students under the influence.

2. Students must obey the house hours as set forth by the NACC Dean:

            Sunday-Thursday (4pm-10pm)

The NACC is open for studying and socializing only. There will be no sleeping-over. If caught sleeping-over privileges will be revoked to enter the NACC for 24 hours.

3. Indecent or obscene behavior is prohibited.

4. The house must remain clean including the floor, tables, dishes, etc. If a group or individual hosting an event uses the kitchen, they are responsible for thoroughly cleaning it after their event. Please bring cups and plates back to the kitchen if you use them elsewhere in the house. If they are continually left, a 24-hour suspension from the house will be instituted.

5. The host of an event using the NACC is liable for any damages.

6. If furniture was moved for an event, the group/individual sponsoring the event must put the furniture back where it belongs.

7. Vandalism, hostile behaviors or bullying of any kind will not be tolerated in or on the Center properties. Individuals found responsible will be subject to multiple levels, and in most cases, severe disciplinary actions.

8. The purpose of the NACC is to promote a friendly and safe environment amongst the Native community, as such; gossip, libel, and slander will not be tolerated. Please interact and greet the students and House Managers on duty to continue cultivating this atmosphere.

9. The House Managers are ambassadors of the NACC and thus will enforce these rules for students, professionals, and community members. Please obey the House Mangers on duty.

10. Discipline: If any of these rules are violated, the violators will be subject to being written up from first the House Manager on duty, then the Graduate Affiliate, and lastly the Dean. If the issue reaches the Dean, the Executive Committee may be involved (ExComm).