Native American admits have been rising over the past decade. In fall 2011, the largest class of Native Freshman in Yale’s history walked onto campus. Fifty-two members of the class of 2015 identify as Native American. The growth in numbers has brought a lot of excitement to the community, as described by Dinee Dorame, “As the largest incoming Native American freshmen class, I feel that we will have a huge impact on the community by the time we graduate. During my time as freshmen liaison, I have had the chance to communicate with my peers about their experiences as Yale undergraduates and more specifically, what they hope to see the NACC accomplish. Many freshmen, including myself, are excited about the new Cultural Center we are moving into next year. The new house will allow us to host more events, lend more support to Native student groups (AISES, ANAAY, etc.), and gain a stronger presence on campus.”

For more information about Native American Recruitment or if you are a Native student interested in Yale, contact Dinée Dorame, the Native American Outreach Coordinator at the Yale Admissions office, at

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