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To reserve NACC spaces for events, fill out the following survey. If your event time and location does not conflict with any prior events planned, you will receive a reservation confirmation email and your event will appear on the NACC House Events Calendar. The event requests are checked twice a week. Specific questions? Email us at

House manager Matty Motylenski books spaces here, and works Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday afternoons. Try to book events at least a week in advance.

Along with complying to the house rules, please be aware of that the NACC is first and foremost a safe and supportive space for Native students at Yale. When using one space in the center, be aware that Native students will likely be using other rooms/spaces here. Thank you.

Student group or individual hosting this event. Person to contact if the space cannot be reserved.
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If you would like to invite the community to attend this event, the House Managers can post about your event on social media, encourage attendance and help by staffing the event if it is within house hours. Email with questions about receiving house manager help with your event.
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