Peer Liaisons

Upon entrance to Yale, all first-year students are assigned a counselor called a FroCo whose main purpose is to serve as a guide and mentor. Native students are each assigned a Peer Liaison to provide additional support - addressing the issues and concerns more specific to being a Native student at Yale.

The counselors are open to answer any questions concerning life at Yale. Their principal responsibility is to facilitate new students’ successful transition into college. They serve as a source of support to ensure each counselee’s academic, personal, and social success during the first year in New Haven. They hold bonding events and are around the NACC to talk with you about concerns, whether they be about Native identity, coursework, or social life.

Contact Head Peer Liaison Andrea Wiglesworth at with questions.


Andrea Wiglesworth
Berkley ‘17

Hometown: Bonner Springs, Kansas
Major: Psychology
Tribal Affiliation: Seneca Cayuga Nation (Deer Clan)

This is Andrea’s third year as a Peer Liaison for the Native community. As well as being the Head PL, she is an active member of Sisters of All Nations and ANAAY. Andrea also works in psychological research on emotion in the Affect Regulation and Cognition lab. This year she is completing her thesis on Prospective Memory and anxiety. She has also participated in Yale Danceworks as a choregorapher and publicity chair, Yale cheerleading, and is now the Publicity manager of the Alliance for Dance at Yale. Andrea loves being involved in the Native community through her role as a PL, student groups, and various other community activities

  Katie McCleary, Baaapáaliksshitchish (Pretty Flower)

Formerly Known as Calhoun ‘18

Hometown: Two Leggins, Montana
Major: History
Tribal Affiliation: Little Shell Tribe of the Chippewa Cree and Crow Nation

Katie aka Supernova is a junior History major in Formerly Known as Calhoun (FKAC) College. She hails from the bustling metropolis known as Two Leggins, Montana on the Crow Rez. Reppin’ the Ashkaamne Clan and child of Ashshitchite Clan, she’s the Head Women Singer of Blue Feather Drum Group and the President of the Association of Native Americans at Yale. She graces Yale with her Rez ball skillz as a co-captain for the Yale Women’s Club Basketball team. She also holds it down for the FKAC College Council, Indian Health Initiative, Sisters of All Nations, and Student Advisory Board for the Center for the Study of Race, Indigeneity, and Transnational Migration (RITM). She indulges in poppin’ out of small spaces and scaring the wits out of unknowing friends, and can be found modeling her mom’s latest beadwork, people watching on cross campus, and unsuccessfully studying in coffee shops.

  Hannah Sheridan

Trumbull ʻ18

Hometown: Potterville, Michigan
Major: History
Tribal Affiliation: Seneca Nation of Indians

I am so proud to be a member of the Yale Native community. I’m a history major and really enjoy taking native studies courses. I’m involved in a few different groups on campus like ANAAY, Trumbull College Council, and YHAAP. This is my first year as a peer liaison for the NACC, and I’m excited to be able to give back to a community that has meant so much to me. I am also a proud alumna of the Washington Internships for Native Students program at American University, where, like at Yale, I had the opportunity to study and work with native students from all over the country.

  Nicota Stevenson

Pierson ‘17

Hometown: Duvall, Washington
Major: Economics/Ethnicity, Race and Migration
Tribal Affiliation: Hoopa Valley Tribe

Nicota is active in the Native American community at Yale as a Peer Liaison, having served as a House Manager his freshman year. He is also the Activities Coordinator for the Yale Native American Arts Council. Nicota loves athletics and plays rugby for the Yale Rugby Football Club. He dedicates much of his time to the program through team workouts and is currently serving as the Social Chairman. Nicota’s academic interests revolve around economics, finance, and racial studies. He wants to improve the situation of the Native American in the U.S.


Alanna Pyke                                                                                           Timothy Dwight ‘19

Hometown: Akwesasne, New York
Major: Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology
Tribal Affiliation: Mohawk

Alanna is involved in the Association of Native Americans at Yale as the Brunch Coordinator, a participant in the STARS program, and occasionally other groups in the NACC. She likes to ski, ice skate, and play lacrosse in her spare time.

  Kodi Alvord
Ezra Stiles ‘17

Hometown: Page, Arizona
Major: Ethnicity, Race, and Migration
Tribal Affiliation: Dine

Kodi is heavily involved in the Native American Cultural Center, holding officer positions in ANAAY, AISES, Blue Feather Drum Group, and the Indian Health Initiative, as well as a position on the Cultural Center’s Executive Board. He is a premed Ethnicity, Race, and Migration major, and he worked as an academic and personal mentor to local middle school students, with the goal of increasing high school graduation rates in New Haven. In his free time he enjoys classic rock, playing ukulele, running, and spending time with friends. He loves Yale, and considers the NACC his home within a home-away-from-home. 

  Andy DeGuglielmo

Silliman ‘18

Hometown: Peabody, Massachussetts 
Major: Political Science and German
Tribal Affiliation: Sault Ste. Marie Tribe of Chippewa Indians

Andy is an active member of the community. He is also the President of the Ivy Native Council, Outreach Coordinator for Dwight Hall’s Social Justice Network, and is a member of the Independent Party of the Yale Political Union. He also works as a Yale Student Ambassador and is on House Staff at the NACC. His academic interests revolve primarily around political economy and government.