Welcome to the NACC!


Established in 1993, the Native American Cultural Center (NACC) promotes and supports Native American, Alaska Native, Native Hawaiian, First Nations, and other Indigenous cultures and communities. The center hopes to support and provide awareness the Native/Indigenous community, as well as the greater Yale community, to Indigenous issues and culture by bringing programming to campus that includes events such as speakers, artist talks and installations, and conversations with leading Indigenous intellectuals.

The Native American Cultural Center also serves as a gathering place for Yale’s Native American students as well as other student groups. Students are encouraged to come to the NACC to study in its library, to use the conference rooms and lounges, its kitchen, or the Native living room and other spaces in the center.

The NACC sends weekly announcements through email for people who are interested in keeping up to date with news and events. Click here to subscribe! You can also find us on Facebook here.

NACC Mission

The NACC strives to maintain a permanent and prominent Indigenous presence at Yale that incorporates and supports the success of future Native leaders through recruitment, encouragement, mentoring, service, and the fostering of a community that makes Yale the most sought after Ivy Institution for Indigenous achievement, research and solidarity.

NACC Core Values

  1. Nurturing individual and community wholeness through collaboration, family, kinship, and spirituality.
  2. Sustaining cultural preservation by acknowledging history and responsibility.
  3. Promoting respect with pride, inclusion and recognition of diversity.
  4. Fostering leadership through accountability, transparency, assertiveness, and honesty. We invite and encourage interested members of the Yale community to attend any of our events.

Upcoming Events

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