Native Crossroads

Native Crossroads celebrates and elevates Native presence, scholarship, and lifeways at Yale Divinity School. As relatives from many tribes and nations, we come together to affirm and encourage each other as we undertake diverse programs of theological and religious study. As scholars and community leaders, we open up conversations that explore the complex relationship between Native traditions and Christian faith. As teachers, healers, and advocates, we seek to bring the power of Native voices into the institutional and ceremonial life of the YDS community. Overall, we seek to weave the vibrant patterns of indigenous knowledge-sharing, feasting, and storytelling into the academic, liturgical, and social fabric of the divinity school and the university.
Over the past couple of years, Native Crossroads has hosted various events, ranging from the Fully Native, Fully Christian conference in 2019, to a movie night featuring Mohegan traditional foods, to a trip to see Mary Kathryn Nagle’s play Manahatta at the Yale Rep.
If you are an Indigenous student who would like to be involved with Native Crossroads, please reach out to, we’d love to have you!