Undergraduate Admissions

Debra Johns is serving in her 12th year as Associate Director of Yale Undergraduate Admissions.  With over

36 years of collegiate administrative experience, 29 years in admissions, she brings a wealth of knowledge, leadership and experience about the college admissions process, working at six different institutions including Yale. She has served nationally and regionally in leadership positions for the admissions counseling profession (NACAC, NEACAC and WACAC), and is asked frequently to serve on evening parent/student panels at schools around the nation.  She holds a B.A. from Saint Michael’s College and M.Ed from The University of Vermont.  Debra is honored to serve as admissions liaison for the NACC.

If you are a Native student interested in Yale or would like more information on Native recruitment, you can contact her at debra.johns@yale.edu.

Diversity & Community at Yale: There are currently over 100 students at Yale College that self-identify as American Indian, Alaska Native, and Native Hawaiian. About 43% of all Yale College students identify as underrepresented minorities. Before arriving as freshmen, all Yale students will be randomly assigned to one of Yale’s fourteen residential colleges. Each close-knit community serves as a microcosm of Yale’s diverse student population, while preserving the intimacy of a smaller college experience.

Financial Aid: Yale is committed to an admissions policy that does not consider a student’s ability to pay, and a financial aid policy that meets the full need of all students with no loans required. These two principles: need-blind admissions and need-based financial aid, ensure that a Yale education is affordable for everyone.

A Liberal Arts Education: Yale is committed to the idea of a liberal arts education through which students think and learn across disciplines. There is no specific class you have to take at Yale, but you are required to learn broadly and deeply. Depth is covered in your major. Breadth is covered in three study areas (the humanities and arts, the sciences, and the social sciences) and three skill areas (writing, quantitative reasoning, and foreign language).

For more information on application deadlines, student life, and financial aid, please consult the Yale Office of Undergraduate Admissions.

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