Book a Space

To reserve NACC spaces for events, fill out a room request on 25Live. If your event time and location does not conflict with any prior events planned, you will receive a reservation confirmation email. The event requests are checked twice a week. Specific questions? Email NACC AD Morales:

Try to book events at least a week in advance. There is no guarantee that events booked less than one week in advance can be accommodated.

Along with complying to the house rules, please be aware of that the NACC is first and foremost a safe and supportive space for Native students at Yale. When using one space in the center, be aware that Native students will likely be using other rooms/spaces here. Thank you.

NACC House rules? *

You are responsible for setting up and cleaning up after the event. Leave the space as you found it. At least one house staff member will be available to answer any questions and provide assistance if needed.
Information on how to request rooms through 25Live

  • All requesters must be current Yale students, faculty, staff, or must be sponsored by a Yale department. Groups not affiliated with Yale and wishing to reserve rooms for conferences and other events should contact Yale Conferences & Events.
  • Yale faculty and staff wishing to book a room for an academic event may use 25Live. Consult the Training Resources page for assistance.
  • Graduate and professional student organizations must be registered with their respective school or administrative unit and listed online as active in Yale Connect. For more information on registered student groups, please refer to YaleConnect or to student affairs staff in your respective school. Registered graduate and professional student organization members can make requests for rooms through 25Live.
  • Undergraduate student organizations seeking to reserve a classroom must do so through their YaleConnect group page by creating a new event and selecting “on-campus room reservation” for location. This event form connects directly with 25Live and, like in past years, the student group will be directed through the event approval process for registered groups.