Peer Liaisons

Upon entrance to Yale, all first-year students are assigned a counselor called a FroCo whose main purpose is to serve as a guide and mentor. Native students are each assigned a Peer Liaison to provide additional support - addressing the issues and concerns more specific to being a Native student at Yale.

The Peer Liaisons are open to answer any questions concerning life at Yale. Their principle responsibility is to facilitate new students’ successful transition into college. They serve as a source of support to ensure each mentee’s academic, personal, and social success during the first year in New Haven. They hold bonding events and are around the NACC to talk with you about concerns, whether they be about Native identity, coursework, or social life.

Contact Head Peer Liaison Selena Martinez with questions.

Alex Contreras-Montesano
Benjamin Franklin ‘23
Hometown: Burlington, VT
Major: Sociology with a Concentration in ER&M, Education Studies
Native Nation: Nahua Tlaxcaltec

Alex Contreras-Montesano is a junior from Burlington, Vermont majoring in Sociology with a concentration in Ethnicity, Race and Migration. She is also part of the Education Studies Program. Some of her favorite things in the world are her little sister Scarlett, chai from the Jitterbus, and the color yellow. In addition to ANAAY she is involved in Indigenous + Queer, the Yale Undergraduate Prison Project, Students Unite Now, the Public School Interns program, and A Leg Even. In her free time she enjoys hanging out at the NACC, baking cookies, and braiding. 

Elea Hewitt

Branford College ‘22

Hometown: Sweet Home, OR

Major: Environmental Studies, Concentration: Environmental Justice

Native Nation: Navajo


Yá’átééh, I am so excited to greet and meet everyone!  I am a rising senior joining the class of 2022 after a gap year (originally ’21).  I’ve spent the last year at home helping my family establish agroforestry and rotational grazing systems on our ranch in rural Oregon.  There, our focus is raising cattle, poultry, and tending a flock of Navajo-Churro sheep.  We are excited to raise awareness of this heritage breed and Diné cultural practice in our chosen hometown and surrounding communities.  


At Yale, I have participated in campus wellness initiatives, learned the basics of grassroots organizing through different activist groups – mostly concerning environmental issues, and was a member of a Varsity team as a walk-on athlete.  Most valuable to me, however, is the NACC Community.  The people – students, faculty, and greater New Haven community members – have shaped me.  They have enabled me to reach beyond myself and find the connections between my identity, and my academic and personal passion.  Especially important, both for Yale and life in general, these are the people with whom I laugh the hardest.  

Evan Roberts
Benjamin Franklin ‘23

Hometown: Longmont, Colorado
Major: Political Science and Ethnicity, Race, and Migration
Tribal Affiliation: Tlingit

Hi!! I’m Evan and I’m a sophomore in Franklin college studying Political Science and Ethnicity, Race, and Migration. I’m Tlingit, but I live in Colorado. At Yale, I’m involved in the Association of Native Americans at Yale, Red Territory, and Yale Democrats. Most of the time you can find me procrastinating studying in the NACC or in the Ben Franklin buttery with my friends. 

Matthew Cline (he/him)
Berkeley ‘23

Hometown: Maumelle, Arkansas
Major: Political Science
Tribal Affiliation: Cherokee Nation

Matthew Alan Cline (Matt, Matty Ice, Matthew Icicle) is an upstanding young man who strives for consistency and excellence. He purportedly majors in economics at Yale University, and he politely yet firmly requests that people stop asking if he is a ghostwriter for John Mayer. For the last time - yes. 
His imagination is captured by conversations about independent music, the NBA, native literature, and good ol’ home cooking, and he is easily excited by Yale’s many community service initiatives. You can identify him by a 1.5” birthmark near his wrist on his right forearm. Despite his grandiose aura, devil-may-care attitude, and rugged persona, Matt is actually a really sensitive guy and would love to talk about whatever interests you!

Selena Martinez
Davenport ‘22

Hometown: San Diego, California
Major: Earth & Planetary Sciences
Tribal Affiliation: Cherokee Nation

Hi, everyone! I’m Selena Martinez, and I’m a rising junior in Davenport College. I’m a proud Mexican and Cherokee Nation citizen. My major is Earth & Planetary Sciences with a a concentration in vertebrate paleontology. Basically, I study dinosaurs and the early relatives of reptiles! At Yale, in addition to being a PL for the NACC, I am the treasurer of American Sign Language at Yale (ASLaY) and a residential college aide for Davenport. I also work in the Yale Paleobiology and Evolutionary Development Lab conducting research on early reptile evolution and teeth evolution.

Mikiala Ng (She/Her)

Pierson ‘24

Hometown: Waialua, O‘ahu

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Tribal Affiliation: Native Hawaiian

Mikiala is Native Hawaiian, Japanese, Mexican, Irish and Portuguese and is from the North Shore of O‘ahu. She is a Sophomore in Pierson College and is studying Mechanical Engineering. On her free time, Mikiala enjoys surfing, gardening with her dad, making art, and spending time outside with her friends, family, and two dogs. Mikiala absolutely loves the ocean and believes food is always better when shared :)

Micah Greyeyes

Berkeley ‘24

Hometown: Toronto, Ontario

Major: English

Tribal Affiliation: Muskeg Lake Cree Nation

Hey everyone! I’m Micah and I’m a sophomore in Berkeley College majoring in English. In addition to working at the NACC, I’m involved with the BK Film Society and occasional theatre productions. As a former film programmer, I’m passionate about storytelling and Native representation – you can find me posting about my favourite films @cinemicah on Instagram. My hobbies include drawing, listening to Cage the Elephant, and playing Breath of the Wild.