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AACC Game Night!

Come by the AACC for weekly Game Nights! Learn new games (including Asian games/boardgames), meet new people, and take a little break from homework. Win a game or two for a chance to get some AACC swag.

What is "Asian" & "Asian-American"? A Space for Reflection & Next Steps

Join the us for a warm and relaxed discussion about what it means to be “Asian” and/or “Asian American.” Through discussions moderated by the AACC’s Political Action and Engagement team, we’ll be exploring different definition and manifestations of these identities, and how we can use them for social change.
**This event is a part of the AACC Leadership Certificate program ( playlist**

NYU-Yale American Indian Sovereignty Project Meeting

The new NYU-Yale American Indian Sovereignty Project invites interested
faculty, researchers, and scholars to come and learn about funding and
administrative opportunities for studies of Native America. Combating the
erasure of Native peoples, history, cultures, and sovereignty within disciplinary
formations, the Sovereignty Project seeks to establish scholarly working groups,
particularly on research questions with bearing on contemporary federal Indian
legal and policy formations and/or debates. Issues of child welfare, educational

Intercultural Graduate & Professional Cultural Center Crawl

The Office of Student Engagement would like to invite Graduate and Professional Students for an evening of intercultural celebration! Join Yale’s cultural center staffs for a tour of each of Yale’s cultural centers and meet fellow Graduate & Professional Students throughout the course of your evening. In addition to the tours, each center will be hosting a mix and mingle experience, that includes a variety of culturally celebratory cuisine and drinks, to be enjoyed while playing games and engaging in fulfilling conversation.

NACC New Student Orientation

The Native American Cultural Center would like to invite all new incoming first-year, second-year, graduate, and professional students to the NACC New Student Orientation. This event will occur both virtually and in-person.
We will be covering various aspects of student club/orgs, the Indigenous Yale community, meeting the NACC leadership, and experiencing a guided tour of the NACC building.
To register please use this link:

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