Forms and Ruptures ft. Diana Khoi Nguyen and Cindy Juyoung Ok PC’14

Diana Khoi Nguyen and Cindy Juyoung Ok ‘14 read and converse at the collapsing center of narrative, depiction, and noise. How do violence and liberation move the Asian American body, and where does its language start, stop, and meander? What stays in between and without sound, space, or silence in the generational aftermath of U.S. wars in Korea and Vietnam? The award-winning writers share varied rendering of gaps—resistances, ruptures, and fissures—as well as their closing or widening through translation, experimentation, and reframing.

Chitrangada - A Tale of Transformation

The dance drama Chitrangada is a phenomenal illustration of Tagore’s conceptualization of human emotions. The play follows the warrior-princess Chitrangada, who has been raised like a man by her father as he wanted a son. Upon an encounter with Arjuna, the greatest warrior of the time, where she is ignored and dismissed as a little boy, the masculine Chitrangada starts grieving her disconnect from femininity.

Real-World Compassion: A Talk and Meditation with the Tibetan Buddhist Monks of Gaden Monastery

We at Yale have the great pleasure of hosting four Tibetan Buddhist monks from Gaden Monastery. Please join us for a guided compassion meditation, talk on the cultivation of compassion in today’s world, and Q&A. All students, employees, families, high school students, children, and community members are welcome. Location can be found through the event registration page.

Co-hosted with Being Well at Yale, Dwight Hall at Yale - Center for Public Service and Social Justice, Asian American Cultural Center (AACC), Good Life Center, Yale Buddhist Student Community

Imperial Material: A Book Talk & Conversation with Professor Alvita Akiboh

Join the AACC’s Political Action and Education Team as we welcome Professor Alvita Akiboh for a book talk and conversation about her recently published work, Imperial Material: National Symbols in the US Colonial Empire. This event is part of the AACC’s Pan Asian American Heritage Month Celebration: Nostalgia and the Path Forward, and we invite you to be in conversation about how US national identity has been created, challenged, and transformed through embodiments of empire found in US territories, from the US dollar bill to the fifty-star flag.

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